Mark Ciocca Artist

The French artist Edgar Degas said that his teacher, Ingres, "insisted that line, and only line, is important". 

Line is the element of art and design that flows throughout my pen and ink illustrations and linocut prints. These two uses of art media compliments one another in all aspects of imagery and gives one both a challenge and satisfaction in the art making process.

I am inspired by the greater NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) architecture, trains, historical sites, and beyond. The more than eighty fine pen and ink illustrations to date celebrates our shared heritage and history and offers appreciation through this medium. 

My linocut prints are made through the traditional process of printmaking.  Each "block" is hand cut and hand-pulled on a large roll top press as an original.  The final print of clean finished line without smudges reflects the quality of ink line work I strive for in my illustrations, as well.

Patrons and students ask "What is the motivation to create art"? I believe it is the need to reach beyond the standard forms of thought and communication into the world of concepts and visuals and aesthetics.  This creates a unique and personal dialogue between artist and viewer. 

I enjoy making art with a passion and sharing it with others.

-- Mark S. Ciocca