Mark Ciocca Artist

This current body of linocut prints are reflective of a juncture in life that blends thought and experience in a loose sequence of visual images. There is an open beginning and end with selected and fluid moments in between that one may find as pivotal points in life’s journey. These prints are a reflection of personal, social and political observations.

Patrons and students alike ask “What is the motivation to create art”? I believe it is the need to reach beyond the standard forms of thought or communication into the world of concept and visuals. This creates a unique and personal dialogue between artist and viewer.

Edgar Degas said that his teacher, Ingres, insisted that line, and only line, is important. I have kept that in mind as I explore my own use through the media of pen and ink and printmaking.

My work is made through the traditional process of printmaking. Each “block” is hand-cut and hand-pulled and is considered an original, in a limited edition. The use of linocut printmaking allows me to participate in the rich heritage of this medium. As an art form that is not easily recognizable by the general public it also becomes necessary to share the distinctive processes involved in its creation. This goes hand in hand to where the artist and educator meet.

Pen and ink illustrations offer an in-depth use of fine line that compliments linocut block prints. Whether it be nature, architecture or design the building of layers of line gives both a challenge and a satisfaction in the process. The works of Albrecht Durer, Richard Estes, and Barry Moser inspire me to reach beyond my momentary boundaries into areas that take me further in line exploration.

I really enjoy making art with a passion and hope that you enjoy viewing it.

-- Mark Ciocca

Lackawanna Winter Market - Holiday 2021 Showcase Interview